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Cutting metal and a wide variety of composites to perfection

Production Team


The Production Team


CIM Metals Inc. runs 2 shifts 5 days per week.  We start at 7:30 AM and shut down at midnight with a half hour overlap between shifts to ensure that in-process jobs are handed over without a minute’s delay.  Our skilled shop floor operators are always willing to step up to a 3rd shift if a customer needs delivery ASAP.  A strong work ethic is fostered by a co-operative attitude where everybody ensures the customer is satisfied with product quality and delivery, every time.  CIM Metals Inc. hasn’t suffered a single hour of lost work due to injury since 2005.


The team handles any size of order with the same diligence – a one-off, a dozen parts, or a production run of thousands.  When you specify your quality assurance criteria, you can be sure inspection complies with the requirements.  You’ll never have to return a component for rework.


Cutting to Perfection