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Custom Laser Cutting of Hot Rolled Steel Headboard

Project description

CIM Metals applied its considerable engineering expertise to this unique project.  The customer presented us with artwork taken from the dust cover of a book of Greek art.  Our designers were able to convert the image to a CAD drawing and scaled it up to the dimensions of a full size headboard.  Our CO2 laser cutting system was used to burn the intricate design in 0.188” thick hot rolled steel.  The product was finished with a powder coating.  Time from order to delivery was only one week.

Highlights of this custom laser cutting project

Headboard for a king size bed

Headboard for a king size bed


Process Precision cutting of 2 dimensional shapes using a CO2 Laser.
Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.008" (+/- 0.20 mm)
Material Thickness 0.188" (4.76 mm)
Product Length 110" (2,794 mm)
Product Width 39" (991 mm)
Base Material 44W hot rolled steel
Industry for Use Architectural
Quantity 1 piece
Delivery Time 1 week
Project Scope Conceive, design, and manufacture from customer’s design criteria
Design Work CAD drawing derived from art work
Drawing Type Accepted Hard copy



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